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Bi-Weekly Wrap Up – Sales Leads, Sales Funnel, and Sales Metrics

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

During our 3 previous Monday Morning Check-Ins, we talked about sales leads, sales funnels, and sales metrics.  You set goals for each, and today we’ll talk about how you are doing.


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Jason: (00:05)
Coming to you from a small mountain town high and the Colorado Rockies. My name is Jason Owens and this is The Renewable Confidence Podcast — a show that helps you build confidence in yourself and in your business every day.

Today’s episode is The Bi-weekly wrap-up.

Now I’m going to try to run these twice a month, right, so biweekly obviously probably and by biweekly I really mean this to mean twice a month. I don’t literally mean every two weeks, so probably on the 15th and 30th I’m going to or that the Friday that it’s closest to, right. I’m going to end up running these. Now the biweekly wrap up is the sister or the the cousin of the Monday morning check-ins, so the Monday morning check-ins, those run every week and of course the biweekly wrap up is going to be twice a month. What we’re going to cover here are really just going back and taking a look at how did you do on the commitments you made from the Monday morning check-in.

Jason: (01:01)
Now, if you’re not familiar with the Monday morning check-ins, I just started running these a couple of weeks ago. So you should be able to scroll back through the podcast list or if you happen to be on the site, scroll back through the previous episodes and look for Monday morning check in and the format of those shows, it’s really fun. It’s something new that I’m starting to do here. And really well what we’re doing there is running things like a just good old fashioned sales meeting, right? So if you are in an environment where the only thing you do is sales all day long, well those, the, that environment looks really uh, kind of commitment oriented, right? So you have goals, you have metrics, you have quotas, and it’s all about did you hit your numbers or not? What or what can we do this week to help you hit your numbers? Okay. So that’s really the format of the Monday morning check in.

Jason: (01:48)
And what I do there is I ask you to email me your commitments based upon whatever topic that we cover. So if you have a particular thing that you’re covering on the show and you certainly know that you want to go out there and go grab it for that week, use, then just email me your commitment. Jason, I’m going to do X number of, fill in the blank. Write whatever the episode’s about. So I’m going to make a certain number of outgoing calls or I’m going to try to get another 30 people to come into my shop, or I want to have conversations with another four additional people at a networking function. You know, whatever that happens to be for you, you’ll send that commitment into me. So then what we do here is we go back and we kind of review, Hey, over the past few weeks, what was it that were, what were the topics?

Jason: (02:33)
And then how can we go ahead and see just, gosh, how did you do right? What, let’s go back and reflect on it. So if we go back a few weeks ago to the very first Monday morning check and we talked all about sales leads, okay, where do you get sales leads? Uh, how are you sourcing your sales leads? What makes for a good lead for you? How can you get more of them? Okay, so that’s what we talked about in the Monday morning check in for that particular week. So my question to you is how did you do, did you end up making a commitment? Did you email that over to me? And if you didn’t, you know who you are and then how did you do on your commitment, right? Did you end up building more sales leads for yourself? Did you find new sources of sales leads?

Jason: (03:15)
Are you doing better at qualifying the sales leads that you have? Right? Because it’s all about having a source, good steady flow of solid high quality sales leads for you. Right? Did you put any systems in place to filter out the negative sales leads or people who aren’t going to be strong for you? Or did you find a rating system that you can categorize? A high, medium and low? All right, so that is my question for you or those are my questions for you on the sales leads. Then we moved in to the next Monday morning check in and that’s what we talked about sales funnel, right? And that is really the process of moving people from a lead all the way through to developing a relationship with you and then becoming a client of yours or becoming a customer or ringing the cash register or, or you get the idea.

Jason: (04:04)
Right. So what is the process that you use for moving people through? Now, again, for some of you, the sales funnel is, is pretty easy. You get people in the store and then they buy or they don’t buy, right? You get them to walk in and you literally create foot traffic. Others of you may be in more of a consultative sales mode that might have several steps involved there. Okay. I mean it could be you identify the lead, you might do a site visit, you might wait for a need to arise once the needs arise. Then you identify who your, your proponents are and your antagonist inside the organization. Right? I mean, it can be a really long drawn out process to land a deal depending upon what kind of sales model you’re using. So did you go back and take a look at your sales funnel?

Jason: (04:50)
When you look at those steps, is there anything that you can do to accelerate people, the right people from step one to step two and likewise, step two to three, right? All the way through the funnel? Are there too many steps or are there not enough steps? Right? That’s always another big question for people is, gosh, okay. So I’m moving people through the funnel. All right, I’m ringing the bell. Well, not really, right? Uh, are you getting too much loss from one step to another? Uh, is there a re, uh, a need for maybe an interim step there? Right? So going back through your funnel and really defining what are your proper steps and, and what is the, the gate, so to speak? Well, what qualifies somebody to move from one step to the next? Are you just forcing people through the funnel so that your metrics look good?

Jason: (05:39)
Or are you forcing too many of the wrong people through the funnel too quickly? Right? So anyway, there’s a lot to be said for sales funnels and whether or not that’s working for you. Okay? So on the last topic here, whenever we look through the last thing that we talked about most recently in the most recent Monday morning check-in, we talked about sales metrics. What are you measuring in your sales metrics, right? Did you come up with good metrics for you? We talked all about the pros and cons that are of having good metrics. Uh, we talked about what makes for a good metric and then I encouraged you to go out there and choose some. And why are these metrics important? Well, if you’re not measuring it, you can’t improve it. Okay? So what I’m asking people to do here is, is go in there, listen to that episode, find some good metrics, and really determine, Hey, yeah, I really need to start holding myself accountable for these two metrics or these three metrics.

Jason: (06:36)
Gosh, I need to hold my organization accountable for these two or three metrics. Okay? So really, really important stuff here. But yeah, this, this is the format here are the biweekly wrap up. It’s just going back in kinda just just reviewing a bit about, we’ve talked about and really encouraging you. If you haven’t sent in those commitments yet, please do. And I’ll give you that email address again@supportatrenewableconfidence.com and you can just put the in the subject line, my commitments or you can put biweekly wrap up in there, but you can go ahead and give me a inside the body of that, you can just say, Hey, sales leads, this is what I’m going to do. Sales funnel, here’s what I’ve done, sales metrics, here’s what I’ve done. Right? So tell me past tense, what have you done? Or if you really want to go for it.

Jason: (07:23)
Yeah. Okay Jason. So I’m a little behind on the sales leads. Here’s what I’m going to do over the next couple of weeks. So that’s just a great way to just hold yourself accountable and, and I’ll do my best to reach back out to you and check on you from every now and then. Can’t guarantee that I can get to everybody, but on occasion, uh, don’t be surprised if you hear from me. I can’t guarantee that I’ll get to everyone, but I may very well reach back out to you and just give you some encouragement there. So, all right folks, so if this kind of thing really turns your crank, you’re going to love the signature program from renewable confidence. I love running workshops. I would love to have you be part of the program. Head over to renewable confidence.com. Look over in the top right. You’re going to see a link up there for a signature program. Dive into that signature program. Check it out if you’re interested, that are directions there on how to reach out to me. I would love to talk with you more and when love to have you in the program, building your sales and marketing better and better as the days go on. Alright everyone, you guys take care and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

Posted on Friday, Nov 15

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