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Latest Episodes

Thanks for Setting Me Straight

It is SO good to have a friend tell you when something isn’t working. Here is how one listener helped me see the light.

Kicking Off My Affiliate Program

Having a solid referral program is one of the cornerstones of the Signature Program. Tune in to see how I am building my own referral program.

How Much Does Your Mood Affect Your Productivity?

Understanding the relationship between your mood and your productivity is crucial. This episode helps explain what you can do to understand this key aspect of your entrepreneurial success.

How to Handle the Unexpected

Surprises, especially bad ones, can really knock you off your game. I share a mental framework that you can use to keep the negative surprises from rocking your world.

How to Make an Annual Marketing Calendar

While the holidays are in swing, your focus should turn to getting ready for next year. I will tell you how to get started plus tell you how to overcome the biggest obstacle.

Monday Morning Check in – Motivation

How do you find motivation to keep going? For some people, the motivation is external, for others the motivation comes from within. In this episode we explore both.

Your Fans Need to Hear From You

I have seen many a business owner sitting there with a bucket of gold right in their laps, yet they are not taking advantage of it. In this episode, I explain a simple 2-step approach for capitalizing on your greatest asset — your fan base.