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Monday Morning Check in – Motivation

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

T[\dropcap]hat spark of motivation is the fuel that powers your business forward.  The big question is “How to maintain it?”


In this episode we explore how to find it and how to keep it going.

Monday Morning Check in – Motivation

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Jason: (00:04)
Broadcasting from a small mountain town high in the Colorado Rockies. My name is Jason Owens, and this is renewable confidence podcast. A show that helps you renew your confidence in yourself and in your business every day. This is your Monday morning check in where we start your week powerfully and in the right direction. Today’s topic is motivation. All right, so the big question here is what? What is it that gives you motivation to do the work that you’re doing, the sales that you’re making, the business that you’re running? What is it that gives you the motivation to do that? Now, when we work on this episode, we’re not just focusing on, Hey, while I’m running a business, no, this is particularly on sales. Okay? So when we talk about motivation, what is it that gives you the motivation to do outreach, right? So whenever we think about that in some way, shape or form, you need to go out there and promote your business.

Jason: (00:57)
Let people know you’re here. What is it that gives you the motivation to do that? So I want you to be able to dig deep in that regard. In this episode because we’re going to dive into this just a little bit, a little bit more so that we can find out really what it is that motivates you. And I’d love for you to be able to articulate that at least in one sentence. So for me in particular, I’m thinking, well, okay, so what is it that motivates me to do this? No, part of it is with the business that I’m building a training and development company. What motivates me is seeing that there are other people out there who are further ahead of me and I know that they are building a business right now. And my gosh, if they’ve done it well, why not me?

Jason: (01:37)
Right? Why can’t, why can’t it be my turn someday? Well it can. And I think I just need to be steady at it. So for me it’s, it’s a bit of a contest, right? So can I really do this? Do I have the skills or what other skills do I need to go out there and grab or learn in order to make it happen? So for, for a little bit it feels like a contest. Other parts of it for me are, it’s a puzzle. Okay. So if I hit a setback or I realize, Hey, I came up short in some area. All right, how do I find a way around that? Right? So again, going back to those skills, the habits, uh, what is it that I need to be doing differently or more consistently? So it just, it’s really, really intriguing for me and for me, my motivation is usually intrinsic or it comes from inside.

Jason: (02:22)
Now, most people who are self employed report very high levels of internal motivation, right? So usually the, the path is they were in some kind of corporate roles, some kind of corporate job, uh, got tired of it, felt like their life was getting sucked out of them. So they started looking around, found something and thought, well, wow, could I do that? Could that be that thing that I’m looking at? Whether it’s a hobby that I’ve always known or something that’s brand new that I just discovered, could I do that? Right? So that is definitely an intrinsic internal motivation, right? External motivation. Think about, um, if you have ever been in a corporate world and been part of a sales organization, that extrinsic is the sales goal, right? It is the boss coming down and saying, Hey, how you doing? Right? Um, it is the quarterly campaign that we’re all gonna rally the troops together and we’re gonna sell more girl scout cookies than anyone else, right?

Jason: (03:19)
So that is all the external factors, right? The external motivation. Now I find for me what helps my motivation is a steady flow of leads, a steady flow of sales conversations. That to me just helps me feel like, all right, this, this is going somewhere and it keeps me out of that roller coaster. Some of you guys may have heard this term before called Sawtooth sales. Know Sawtooth sales means, all right? So you’ve got a lot of energy, a lot of motivation, you’re making a lot of leads, a lot of good conversations and something doesn’t work out. Or you take your eye off the ball or you sell some stuff, which is great, and now you have to go deliver it. Well, then boom, you’re not doing anything on sales, right? So all of that sales inertia that you had built up, gone right while you’re doing the the gig for the client or you are trying to figure out how to deliver this thing that you just sold, right?

Jason: (04:13)
So a lot of that sales motivation goes out because your, your, your focus is just somewhere else. All right? Then you have to use all that inertia and momentum and you’ve got to get yourself all psyched up and, and, and redirect your forces back into sailing. And then you start building it back up, up, up, up, up again, and then boom, right back down because you have to go fulfill, well, that’s called Sawtooth selling. And I’ve, I had been in that for a very long time. I’m finding it quite refreshing as I’m finding a path out of that. Now I have that lot more to discuss on that in a future episode. So what I find here is that it just takes a lot of emotional inertia to get restarted again. All right, so that’s that Sawtooth sales. Now you guys are going to want to, a little aside here, you’re gonna want to catch tomorrow’s episode on a recording that I’m doing about um, podcasting for 30 straight days and everything that I learned that has been a really interesting lesson with regards to internal motivation and what keeps me going there.

Jason: (05:14)
And I also have another one coming out here very soon, probably this week. And that’s going to talk about a project that I have where I’m reaching out to a hundred people a day. Okay? So with regards to leads, with regards to sales, building, sales, building a tribe, I’m reaching out to a hundred people a day. All right? Where do I find the motivation for that? Again, most of them that’s coming from internal, it’s all intrinsic. So my question for you is, where do you find your motivation? How do you stay motivated to continue selling in your business? And that’s what I want you to focus on this week as part of your Monday morning challenge. My call to action here is for you to go ahead and drop an email . I want you to put in the subject line just one word and that’s “motivation”. The question that I want you to answer is how do you stay motivated to continue selling in your business?

Jason: (06:04)
Right? So we went over a couple things here for me. Um, those things may be totally different for you and that is completely fine. Motivation is a great thing no matter where it comes from. So that’s what I want to leave you with. I just want to encourage you that you can grow a very successful business. If you have a successful business, you can take it into the stratosphere just by staying motivated, putting in the right behaviors, the right consistency, the right discipline in your business. You can grow, you can grow tons. And I’m looking forward to working with you as you end up going through that growth curve because it’s exciting and it’s a lot of fun. So with that, everyone hope you guys are going to have a great week, get all set up for it and get mentally prepared. Run the track in that direction. It’s going to be awesome.  Hope you guys have a great week. Take care everyone. Bye. Bye.


Posted on Monday, Nov 18

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