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Don’t Kill the Golden Goose

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

What is more important — reaching your short-term goal or being around for the duration?  This is a question that many of us have to wrestle with every day.

We entrepreneurs can be a driven bunch. We get up early and put in long hours to chase our dreams.

During the chase, it is so easy to get lost in the chase itself and lose site of the effect that the chase is having.

Do You Know Someone Who Needs to Slow Down a Bit?

For some of you, it may have been a while since you thought about The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It may have been a while since you thought to take care of yourself. Share this episode to give your social media friends a gentle reminder. Don’t forget the hashtag #RenewableConfidence.

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Jason: (00:03)
Hey everyone, Jason Owens here for the renewable conference podcast, a show that helps you build confidence in your business and in yourself every day. All right. In this episode, I want to talk about something that is, has cropped up several times here and working with my clients, doing our one on one sessions and I’m just titling this one, “Don’t kill the golden goose”.

Okay, so some of you who are maybe, maybe, maybe I’m dating myself here, some of you who are boomers or X-ers, probably remember a book called seven habits of highly effective people. All right? There is a reason that this book is a classic. It is filled with a bunch of really good research backed anecdotes, stories, tips, techniques. No, I’m not a huge person on, on following a formula, but I’ll tell you what, this book really does have a couple really good golden nuggets to it.

Jason: (00:57)
Um, in fact, I think it’s less than one chapter one where Covey starts going into this idea of, of the P versus PCs. So that’s production versus production capability. I think I’ve got that right. And anyway, the, the whole, the whole story boils down to if you are a manager, your people are going to be capable. I have a certain amount of production. Right? So that’s the production capability. All right? So then you have the, the production that they are putting out. Okay. So overall what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to find this balance between, okay, I know you’re capable of X amount. As a manager, I’m going to come in and ask you to do something pretty close to that amount. Right? You don’t want to exceed the production capability of [inaudible] your people. Well, that sounds like it makes sense on the, on the surface.

Jason: (01:55)
Okay. Yeah. If I’m a manager, I want to be a good manager. I don’t want to burn out my people. Um, but you know what? We’re really bad about managing ourselves sometimes, right? I mean, I find myself doing it. Um, in fact, I found myself doing it this week. My, my, my production as far exceeded my production capability, right? Uh, so I have kind of pushed the edge. I’ve pushed the boundary, uh, whether that’s with regards to sleep or the amount of work that I’m doing, the amount of hours that I’m working. Um, all that is, uh, it’s been more than it needs to be. And I’m starting to recognize this also in a couple of my clients, a couple of my clients this week where, Oh my gosh, Jason, you know, I’m just feeling really dang tired. Um, yeah, okay. You’re doing a lot of work.

Jason: (02:38)
So this goes back to this whole idea of just kind of summarizing this whole P versus PC balance and he boils it down to don’t kill the golden goose. If you have a goose that is laying golden eggs, you don’t want to strangle the goose, right? If you treat the gooseberry well, the goose is going to be around for awhile. Land, eggs, you’re going to be happy, the goose is going to be happy. But when you really push that goose to start laying more eggs on, is capable of doing, you might be able to get away with that for a while, a very short while. But after that you’re going to kill the goose and then you’ve got nothing, right? You have no golden eggs and that’s it. You’re finished. So I just wanted to, I guess I’m talking to myself here more than I’m talking to you or as much as I’m talking to you.

Jason: (03:24)
Yeah. Just be very careful about, uh, just take care of yourself. Take care of that balance. You know, what you are capable of. And some of you might, my, yeah, maybe you’re capable of a little bit more. Maybe you don’t realize how much you’re capable of rights and that’s, that’s a good sign of growth when you go that route. But if you feel that you are bumping up against the edge of your true ability, your true capabilities, uh, then by all means, if you feel like you’re hitting burnout, if you’re hitting a overwhelmed, by all means, pull back, take care of the golden goose. Take a couple of days off. Uh, if you can’t afford a couple of days off, then take a half day. If you can’t afford a half day, take at least a good 90 minute break during your day. For just you recharge your batteries, right? Get outside, do something that is going to put some energy back into you rather than take energy out of you.

Jason: (04:15)
All right, so really short episode today folks. Um, I love doing these episodes. If you have the chance, Oh my word pop into the show notes for this particular episode, and this one is scheduled to be titled episode 67. Don’t kill the golden goose. When you look on the page, you’re gonna find a spot. Uh, I think it’s going to be closer towards the bottom and it’s going to be in a section called resources. I want you to look for a section called rate this podcast. I would love for you to go in and give me an honest review on the podcast. Again, I’m doing my best to crank these things out for you several times a week. Now, at a minimum, I’m trying to do this weekly, would love to be able to get my internal processes cranked up to where I’m doing this more often. And that’s my goal. So anyway, we’d love for, uh, for you to give me a review there. And gosh, I love doing these shows. Any feedback you have is just absolutely fantastic. All right folks, thanks so much for coming in and remember, go ahead and out there and just make it a great day and I will see you on the next episode of renewable confidence podcasts. Take care.

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 22

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