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How to Counteract Your Anxiety

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

Bad news can seen you reeling.  Anxiety can paralyze you and leave you feeling isolated.  There is hope.

Here is how to work out of it so you can get back on track. 

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Jason: (00:04)
Coming to you from small mountain town high in the Colorado Rockies. My name is Jason Owens and this is The Renewable Confidence Podcast — a show that helps you build confidence in yourself and in your business every day.

This episode is called How to Counteract Your Anxiety.

All right folks, this is going to be a very quick and very short session. Just want to let you know that of some of the people that I’m working with now. Um, what I’ve found here is that the anxiety levels yeah. Are starting to creep up for a very different reason than say over the past several months, over the past several months here where I live in Estes park, Colorado. It is, uh, it was right the main season, right? So for us, that’s when we have a lot of retail business come into town. Uh, lots of our shops are busy and it’s just, it’s, let’s let the good times roll.

Jason: (00:53)
Okay. So that is one type of stress. There’s a different type of stress that people all across the U S are seeing this time of year. And that is, Holy cow. We’ve got to get ready for the holidays. And by getting ready, I don’t mean uh, putting up the tree. I simply mean within your shop, within your stores, within your business, it’s all about trying to put up that net and capture some of this money that’s going to be flowing out for this particular Christmas season. So with that, what I’m seeing here is gone in this mixture of all the cow, there’s a lot to do and Holy cow, there’s also not enough money flowing in that I would like to see flowing in. Okay. So a lot of people that I hear, again, not just here in town, but across the U S different people that I’m working with from different States even are starting to feel just a bit of that lull rights.

Jason: (01:44)
You’ve got the back to school rush and, and people kind of get in through that September area and then get kind of getting through a Halloween, right. Getting past that. So here we are first part of November and ah, okay. People are kind of feeling the, the purse strings tighten a bit because it could be that people just kind of gearing up for the onslaught, right? They’re kind of gearing up for black Friday. They’re gearing up for the sales in December. So that’s kind of the calm before the storm and there’s not always all a lot of revenue flowing from this time. So not a worry, uh, because it’s going to be short lived. But in the meantime, Holy cow, there’s a little bit of anxiety there. So let’s to walk through a really quick, short list of some things that you can do to kind of counteract that anxiety.

Jason: (02:31)
So first and foremost, what I would have you do of this, of the stuff that you feel that you need to get done, make a list, pull it all out of your head and just get it down on paper, right? If you have to go do a quick coffee with a friend and just talk it out. Okay, what should I do first? Or should I do second? Oh my gosh, yeah. There’s this other thing that I forgot that I have to do. Got to put that on the list. All right, so make that list, get it out of your head, get it down on paper. Second thing you know, I’m big fan of getting out and being active. I’m not saying that you take a five hour hike, I’m saying get out for 10 minutes. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, go for a walk up and down your street.

Jason: (03:10)
If you’ve got sidewalks, all the better a, if you have a a more of a quieter road that you can be on, awesome. But overall, just get yourself out there for a 10 minute walk and I would do that twice in the day. Okay. I would do that twice. I would do that once in the morning, once in the afternoon or if you’re freaking out in the afternoon, I would easily set up two of those in the afternoon to do. Okay. Then, uh, something else that helps people is, let’s do, let’s go for that change of background, that change of environment. Take a 15 minute drive, get in your car and just drive someplace for 15 minutes. You can even use this time to take a quick Aaron on your to do list, right? If you need to go to the bank to make a deposit, go do that.

Jason: (03:54)
If you need to, uh, go to the store to pick up something, go do that. Go do that. Aaron, that’s going to give you a quick boost of Holy cow. I got something done. Alright. Rather than all this anxiety, rather than being in my head, I got out of my head and I was able to get something done. Check at least one thing off my list. May not have been a huge thing. It’s a small thing. Yeah. I went to the store, picked up some eggs, picked up the bread flour, got some milk, got a couple of things off the grocery list. Boom. I can at least say that I got something done today. Right?

Jason: (04:26)
Last thing that I would say is if you have a chance, one very good way to get see yourself out of your head is that intentionally put yourself in the zone. Put yourself in that environment where you just lose all track of time. What’s happening around you. You’re just, you’re in the zone, right? Whatever your zone is, spend an hour on a pet project, spend one hour on that pet project. What that’s gonna do, it’s gonna put you back in your happy place. It may feel like these single most counterintuitive thing to do, Jason, with everything else that I have to do right now. Why would I spend an hour on my pet project? Why? Because getting out of your head is going to reboot your brain and that is the number one thing you need right now rather than anxiety taking you over to paralysis rather than anxiety, taking you into a situation of overwhelm.

Jason: (05:22)
You now know something that you can handle your back in a familiar place. You have that chance to get rebooted and that reboot is what’s going to allow you to come back out of the Gates strong and now you’re going to feel like you can tackle the world rather than being overwhelmed by it. So that’s it. That’s all that I have. Everyone. I know that I told you this is going to be a quick episode and I’m going to keep that promise, so I’ll tell you what. If you love doing this stuff, if you love keeping your head in the game, the signature program is the right place for you. Head over to my website, renewable confidence.com I’m building a really strong company there. You have something

Speaker 3: (05:58)
called the signature program. Look over in the top right, you’re going to see a link for signature program. Read through the instructions there. I would love to have you be part of the signature program. Reach out to me and let’s talk some more art. Everyone take care. Talk to you soon.

Posted on Saturday, Nov 16

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