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Is Marketing Automation Right for You?

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

“Make money while you sleep.”  Ever heard that claim?  It is possible, but it takes a TON of work to make it happen.  In this episode, we explore if marketing automation is right for your business.

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Jason: (00:04)
All right, everyone coming to you from a small mountain town pie in the Colorado Rockies. My name is Jason Owens, and this is

Jason: (00:13)
The Renewable Confidence Podcast — a show that helps you build confidence in yourself and in your business every day.

Today’s episode is called Is Marketing Automation Right for You?

All right, so sit back, relax. Here we go.

Okay, so, good night! Where to begin this story? It’s probably been about eight years ago. I completely fell in love with this piece of software that was out there, and I mean, it just, I geeked out over it.

It looked like it was going to solve every email problem that I was going to have. It would allow me to set up these great elaborate marketing automations that if somebody was in an email and they clicked on this box, well then I’m going to put them over here and they’re going to get these kinds of emails. All right? But if someone in that first email clicked on the other box, well then I’m going to flag this person as another type of interest and then I’m going to market to that.

Jason: (01:07)
Right. So, uh, I mean it, it was slick. I mean, I will definitely tell you I ended up buying the software. It ended up costing me over the long run thousands of dollars. Um, I don’t know that I made my money back on that. Maybe I broke even.

Um, but I’ll tell you what, the promises of marketing automation are big. They are powerful. And if you have the volume in your business, then I believe that marketing automation can be right for you. So let’s go back and try to figure out, do you have the right first off, let’s, let’s talk a little bit about what marketing automation can get you. And then we’ll see if it’s right for you. And this all ties back into confidence in, in this way. If you are completely overwhelmed with the prospect of following up with people and you have people calling in, you don’t have the staff that’s trained up to be able to handle the amount of phone calls you’re getting or the amount of requests that you’re getting.

Jason: (02:07)
Having marketing automation in place for you can really be a godsend. So I know for example, there was a workshop that I ran a few years back and I set up marketing automation to handle everything. Okay. And when I say everything, I mean everything to do with this workshop. Not only just me advertising out to my people, but also recruiting guest speakers and having these guest speakers reach out to their people. Okay. So once there people ended up coming into my, um, my store to buy a ticket for this particular workshop I was putting on their people would basically show up in my system and I would be able to quote unquote give credit to one of my guest speakers because they had their audience come in. And so I was giving my guest speakers the way I was paying my guest speakers a was by basically an affiliate commission.

Jason: (03:05)
So I had a complete affiliate commission system set up to where I could go in and say, okay, when you send out your email and you use that special link that I gave you, yeah, I can tell that 150 people clicked on it. And of those 150 people, we had 17 people buy and based upon how much they spent when they came in to buy, well, we ended up using that and then we gave it 50 50 split, you know. So anyways, it was slick and I sent out all the reminders. I mean I had everything automated on this now. Yes, it did take me a few days to set up. But what I did not need to do, I did not need to hire an assistant to help me run that workshop because everything was done. Literally after I set up the automation, I took my hands completely off of it.

Jason: (03:53)
The only thing that I did in the six weeks between setting up the automation and the night before the workshop was going the night before and print up the list of uh, name cards that I was going to need for the next day. Literally. That’s all I did cause the system took care of that all. So that’s a powerful system. I mean that’s very powerful. Uh, there are health clubs out there that once you join up the health club, you are now put into a drip sequence where, Hey, what kind of exercises do you want to do? Are you looking more for a strength training or are you looking more for cardio? Uh, are you looking for, you want to learn more about the Nautilus circuit over there. And whenever you choose whatever thing resonates the most with you, you’re then put into a sequence where about every other day for a week and a half, you’re going to get an onboarding series that will tell you everything that you need to know for that gym about how to go about doing strength training.

Jason: (04:51)
Okay? So it’s not just giving you workouts, but it’s also telling you, Hey, you need to go talk to such and such personal trainer and tell them you want the ABC package. Right? Likewise over in the Nautilus world, say if you decide that you want to go work on machines, that’s great. If you’re over there on the Nautilus side, well then yeah, you’re going to get some, some tips and tricks kind of videos about how to work that circuit, and then you’re going to be inside that onboarding process. So what that would do just for the average health club is that that’s going to really cut down on all the questions of how do I do this? How do I get involved with such and such? Um, are the things over at the juice bar free? You know, you can educate your people about all of that stuff and the GetGo, right?

Jason: (05:33)
Right. So way up front. So anyway, it’s a, it’s a really, really powerful thing. So that’s really what I mean by marketing automation. Uh, and that, those are just a few examples. Now the big question is, is this right for you? Okay. So let me tell you, I probably bought my marketing automation maybe before I should have. Okay. So I, I’ve already told you one story there actually a couple others kind of like that. Um, but I’ll tell you what they were, they were really big deals and I enjoyed doing the automation and I kind of geeked out about setting it all up. Um, but to be candid, most of the time I probably didn’t have enough people in my system to even warrant having that system. Right. Uh, nowadays I would probably go out and rent that from somebody, right? So somebody who has that software, I would pay them to go set up the whole sequence, tell them what I want, maybe even give them some wording.

Jason: (06:27)
Uh, and then after my workshops done, I would probably close the whole thing down and I would be done leasing it for the month. Right. Um, so that’s probably what I would do today if I had to do it differently. So is it right for you? I just told you about my story. So isn’t right for you. If you have a good number of sales coming through your business and you find yourself going, Oh, Holy cow, I can’t keep up with just telling people that I’ve shipped their stuff. Okay. Um, so if you have that, yeah, marketing automation might be a good idea if you have a whole bunch of people on the top part of your sales funnel, right? So let’s just say it’s that education phase, right? So typically a customer is, they’re going to hear about you and they’re going to learn a little bit about you at the very beginning, and then they might get into a buying situation later on where they’re seriously considering buying from you.

Jason: (07:18)
So just stop at that beginning part, that education phase. Um, can marketing automation help with that? Yeah, certainly can. If you have somewhere in the neighborhood of, I would say maybe 300 to maybe a thousand people who are in that stage for you and you’re really trying to invite them into a deeper relationship. Yeah. I w I would say that marketing automation could be a fit for you in general. It boils down to volume, right? One of the mantras that I kept hearing when I was swimming in this pool around all these companies with marketing automation is, Hey, if you need to do it more than once automated, and depending upon what software you have, that you can pretty much do that, right? Um, so anyway, uh, marketing automation can be a really big deal and can be a huge time saver, especially if you’re in, uh, the sales world, right?

Jason: (08:12)
Uh, for example, let’s just say there, there’s a template that I use in my business right now. Today, some of you have made even even received it a, it’s called may I add you. And what it boils down to is we’ve met somewhere, whether it’s through this podcast or through my videos, or maybe you’ve come out to one of the workshops we’ve met and Oh, I have your email, but I don’t really have permission yet to add you to my email list. Right? So you didn’t sign up specifically for my email list over on the, over on the site. So I have a template that’s up and once I get you entered into my CRM, I’ll literally hit this template. It’s literally a copy paste. It takes me 10 seconds to fire it up and hit the go button. And it’s often, it’s, it’s to the races and my response rate on that template has been probably 95% of the people that I send that to say, yeah, Jason, add me to your email list.

Jason: (09:04)
Okay, great. That’s a, that’s marketing automation right there. So that template’s already there. I don’t have to type that email 15 different times and then forget what I said is already typed. I typed it once and I literally push a button and it can go out to one person, it can go out to 50 people. Right? So that’s, that’s marketing automation. So anyway, that’s that. That’s it for this podcast. So if you are overwhelmed with the amount of work you have, marketing automation could give you a renewed sense of confidence in your business by just getting that, that stuff, getting it turned on and plugged in in your world. So, so that’s that. So my question for you is what are you going to do with this? What are you going to do with your approach to marketing automation?

 So that’s it everyone. Again, my name is Jason Owens. Hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care everyone. Bye bye.

Posted on Saturday, Nov 09

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