In this episode, I share a quick tip that has been a tremendous help to me for short weeks. This one saved my bacon a number of times.

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Monday Morning Check In – How to Make the Best of Short Weeks

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

What do you do with your goals when you have a short week?  If you are only going to be in a half week, do you chop your goals in half?  In this episode, I share a productivity tip that will help you navigate tricky weeks like this.


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Jason: (00:00)
Broadcasting from a small mountain town high in the Colorado Rockies, my name is Jason Owens and you are listening to The Renewable Confidence Podcast, a show that helps you renew your confidence in yourself and in your business every day.

Monday Morning Check In!

All right, you guys coming up on a Monday Morning Check In, so it’s Monday morning again, the beginning of a week and this is the time where you make your commitments.

This is the time or we go ahead and ask you

  • What it is that you want to get accomplished this week? 
  • What are you going to commit to?
  • What results are you going to produce for your business?
  • What sales are you going to bring in?

Just get down and dirty and really just lay it out there on the table. Tell us what you’re going to get accomplished this week.

Maximizing Your Short Week

What I want to cover a bit here is I want to go over a very important topic and that is what’s the best way to handle a short week? Okay. So if you’re tracking with us here, over in the States, it is coming up on Thanksgiving week.

Jason: (01:03)
And for a lot of people, this is a very short week. Uh, some people would do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then take off Thursday to be in a family. Um, most people take off Friday just to get a super long weekend in there and just kick back and relax.

So for those of you who are in the office this week and by in the office, I mean that almost literally if you have a sales job that keeps you, uh, producing results for a big company, or for those of you who are self employed and you’re out there creating results for your self and creating results for your family, how are you going to handle this week?

What is the best way to handle it?

When years ago I learned this tip and I’ll tell you what it, uh, it really saved my bacon. So what I used to do, uh, before learning this tip was polycarbon working my brains out and I’m producing results, right?

The Question that Threw Me

Jason: (01:55)
I am above quota. This just feels like a week to just work on filing, right? I mean, this feels like a week to just phone it in.

And if I have to, maybe I’m going to do a couple meetings, but Holy cow, I’m not going to kill myself this week because by the end of Monday, I’m already mentally in vacation mode. Right?

I had a sales coach tell me this and it was absolutely dead on. So here’s the question. The question is, all right, so you’re gonna, you’re gonna phone it in this week, right? You’re going to camp out, you’re going to do whatever, even though you’re physically there, you’re mentally not.

What does next week’s appointment activity look like for you?

So you come back after you’ve had one of these weeks, you come back into the office, you turn the sign over on your business, you’re now open again.

Jason: (02:48)
You’re now producing results with the company. What does that week look like? And I had to admit, well, that week’s not going to look strong. A strong as I want.

Avoid Feast-Famine Productivity

So, yeah, I’m probably gonna need to put some time and effort just to get the momentum going back again. And what really surprised me, what absolutely really surprised me, especially when I moved over to 100% commission sales when I was in that world.

What really surprised me was I didn’t really enjoy time off as much as I did when I was working at a corporate job and getting a steady paycheck

The only thing that I was really thinking about a lot was Monday morning, “I’ve got to kill it Monday morning. I’ve got to kill it. I’ve got to set appointments.  I’ve got to close some deals.”

What my sales coach helped me think through is these half weeks are great times to absolutely stack up your calendar.

If you think through your week about, um, the things that, that won’t be able to happen, right? So if you’re in a large corporate environment, uh, they’re going to be people who’ve just taken the whole week off, right? Just boom. They’re taking the whole week off and that’s just it. You’re not going to see them. There’s not going to be a project you can work on with them. It’s, it’s done. Okay. They’re going to be other people out of the office. Even if you are self employed for the most part, this half week could be a week that you could stack up an awful lot of really good activity. Now if you were in the retail world, you better read battening down the hatches and putting the final touches on stuff.

Jason: (04:23)
But outside of retail, this is a great, great time for you to go ahead and just start stacking the deck in your favor for next week, right? So you can actually make these short weeks, sometimes your most powerful prospecting weeks of all. Okay. When I went into a hundred percent commission sales a while back, um, I’m working at a company, right? Doing the sales work and uh, I was, can’t even remember who I was talking to, was talking to somebody in the office. And I’m like, man, that week between Christmas and new year’s for that, I imagine nothing gets done here. I imagine no one’s here. And I was corrected on that though. One of the top producers said, man, don’t go that direction with your thinking. That last week of the year is often some of the best, most productive weeks, especially with, with terms of closing deals. That’s often one of the best times of the year for a number of our top producers.

Call to Action

Jason: (05:21)
So yeah, I mean it really turned my thinking on its head and has been a tremendous, tremendous thing for me as I go forward. So just wanted to share that with you. That’s the Monday morning check in now, you know, on these Monday morning check-ins, I love doing, um, a bit of a call to action here. So my call to action to you is I want you to send me an email and the subject line, I just want you to type the word short week. All right? The two words short week, go ahead and send me the answer to this question. How are you going to take advantage of this week to really stack the deck in your favor for next week? Okay, I’ll say that again. How are you going to take advantage of this week, this short week to stack the deck in your favor for next week? So that’s it. I love getting these, this input from you guys. Uh, I love hearing it. Um, this is the day of the week that I take off my sales hat and I, or sorry, take off my marketing hat, grow my sales hat, and I’m just in sales management mode. So, Hey, what’s your commitment, right? What are you going to do this week? Don’t really knock it out of the park for next week. All right, everyone. So hope you’re having a great day and, uh, make it a big hand tastic short week. You guys take care and we’ll talk to you soon.

Posted on Monday, Nov 25

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