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Selling Gives You Sanity

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

The best tool that I have found for calming the nerves is a good deposit into your bank account.

Sure, we all face cash crunch from time to time.  The quickest way to solve this is to turn and face the fear by getting out there to do some serious selling.

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Jason: (00:03)
Coming to you from a small mountain town high and the Colorado Rockies. My name is Jason Owens. And this is The Renewable Confidence Podcast — the show that gives you confidence in yourself and in your business everyday.

Jason: (00:15)
Today’s episode is titled, Selling Gives You Sanity. So sit back, relax. Cause here we go.

All right, so hope you guys are doing well. Hope you guys are getting geared up. And let’s say at the time of the recording of this podcast again, we have just a few weeks left in the year. So the thing that I want to cover today is whenever you start to feel a little panicky, right? So cashflow isn’t what it needs to be. Sales really, uh, aren’t what they need to be for you. You can just kinda start reading the tea leaves and you’re going, Oh my gosh. Or there was a bill that you weren’t expecting to have pay, but a supplier says, Oh yeah, you ordered that stuff awhile ago. Boom, we’re going to go ahead and and send that invoice to your right away. Or we just took the money out of your account because it’s shipping sooner than you thought.

Jason: (01:11)
Yeah. So anyway, there’s all these really good things that come into our lives that make us go, Holy cow. I don’t know that I have money to cover that. And the natural reaction for us in our lizard brain is to think all my word. The world is caving in, right? It is something that we all go through. We all react to this a little differently. Some of us more strongly than others, but yeah, there’s going to be that panic come in where, wow, I don’t know if I can do this or what do I do now? So depending upon how you react, it could be that you completely freak out, right? Uh, you might just hit paralysis. You might not know what to do, uh, things, things may just feel like they’re starting to cave in on you. But I do have an antidote and I do want to share it with you.

Jason: (01:55)
It’s pretty straight forward. You can probably already grab it from the title, and that is selling equals sanity. That is what gives you that confidence boost. Being able to jump out and say, okay, I know I’m under the gun here, but because I’ve been writing and tracking my opportunities, right? Like I mentioned in the podcast about not letting deals fall between the cracks. If you want to go back and grab that, I’ll tell you a great tool that you can use. Okay? Because I know that this, uh, and I know that that’s a good discipline to have in my business. I have behaved accordingly. Now I can under pressure rather than freaking out. I can go to my opportunities list, pull that out and say, Oh yeah, there’s four phone calls on this list for phone calls that I actually forgot about some of these deals.

Jason: (02:43)
Holy cow. But yeah, there’s been this money on the table that if push comes to shove, all right, maybe I can incentivize this person or that person or, right. I mean that’s, that’s one option to it. Another option is, okay, if you’re in a retail environment, if you have an online store, it is time for a dang promotion, right? And I have known people before where, uh, it’s coming up tax day and they don’t have money to cover the IRS, you know, what they owe. They have some of them that our biggest sales of the year, two or three days before tax time. Right. So, you know, whenever you are under the gun, there are positive ways that you can respond rather than being um, freaked out by it rather than going into panic mode rather than being, uh, slipping into, into a depression or paralysis or, or anxiety, you know, eating 20 pounds of popcorn when you probably don’t need 20 pounds of popcorn.

Jason: (03:39)
Not that I’ve ever done that, I’m just speaking hypothetically. There are things that you can put into place that will keep your, your mind back in a positive place. And in all where I’m driving at for this, nothing will calm the nerves more than a good solid deposit into your bank account. Right? I mean, if you freak out because of money, money’s going to help you solve that. Now, I realize there may be some, some, some of you out there who are of the counseling persuasion and maybe you don’t agree with me on that and I totally understand, uh, but I’ll tell you what, for me and a number of the people that I work with, yeah, revenue is a darn good thing and it is an elixir that solves many, many problems. So again, uh, if you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and you’ve been tracking with me for any amount of time, you know that I love selling, right?

Jason: (04:28)
I’m not a quote unquote born salesperson by any stretch of the imagination. Uh, I come from a technical background, right? And I’ve found myself in a few sales positions and just out of good old spirit of needing to pay the bills, I learned how to sell right now. People, let me tell you, if I can learn how to sell offline, anybody can learn how to sell offline. If, if, if I can learn how to do online sales, anybody listening to this podcast and learn how to do online sales, there’s really not a lot of super tech wizardry behind it. And I’ll tell you what, 80 to 90% of of the work is simply showing up to do the work, right? That extra 10%. Yeah. Maybe there might be some tech wizardry in there. Yeah. Maybe that don’t need a, require you to do some extra education or workshop or seminar or whatnot.

Jason: (05:17)
But I’ll tell you what a great deal of success can be had just if you simply want to show up. And I’ve seen this time and time and time again that to be very candid in the people who are, who are overeducated, uh, have super education, they’re not always the greatest at running a small business and aren’t always the greatest at sales. Right. I mean, I can think back to just a number of examples here in my life where, uh, you go back and you think, wow, back in high school we all kind of felt sorry for that kid because you know, just kind of someone who’s a screw up and not really getting stuff together. You know, someone who could be doing a lot better in school if they wanted to and if they just applied themselves, well, they get of school and they just kind of bounce around for a while, find self-employment and then take off.

Jason: (06:02)
I mean, crush it, right? So just because you do well in school, believe me, that does not mean you’re going to do well in the world of business. So anyway, I just want to encourage you out there that if you’ve been tracking with this podcast for any amount of time, I’ve been giving you all kinds of tools for the mental game of going out and running a business and growing it and the tactical game of what tool do I use? Where do I go to get that tool? What’s it look like when I’m using that tool? Right? Go back and listen through this podcast. You have all kinds of really, really good advice and guidance here and stuff that I, I wouldn’t be able to give to every one of you in a one on one situation, but I can certainly give you here scales like crazy, right?

Jason: (06:46)
So yeah, just I just want to encourage you face that fear, whatever that fear is of yours, the financial fear, the Alma, gosh, I don’t have enough clients. Yeah. A long time ago, over a year ago, I made a podcast specifically on this go back and check for, it’s probably one of the first 10 or 15 podcasts that I made and it had to do with, you turn around and you face that fear and you walk straight into it. And when you do that, you will find that your fear is nowhere near as large as you thought. You will find that you can move, that you’re not paralyzed, that you are not gonna let anxiety shut you down, that you’re not going to have depression keep you from doing the work that you know you were born to do. You can turn around and March straight into that fear and you can make headway.

Jason: (07:32)
You may not win the first time, you may not win the second time, but the third time you’re going to start feeling better. The fourth time you can win, the fifth time you’re going to be even better than that and this is something that you can do. This is something that you can tackle. You can go out there, create a sales promotion today for your online store, create a sales promotion to bring people into your, your brick and mortar store and you can pick up the phone, dial it, set appointments to go out there and sell. If you’re in a face to face selling arrangement, by all means you can do this.

Jason: (08:24)
 So that’s it. Everyone. My name is Jason Owens, I love doing these broadcasts and Hey, if you have a moment, would love for you to jump over to iTunes, give me a review over there. That would be fantastic. Or, Hey, if you want, go ahead and drop into the show notes. It’ll show you exactly how to leave me a review. Cause if you just look over in the resources area, you’ll see the directions. All right, everyone again, my name is Jason Owens. You guys enjoy your day, and I hope that you are gonna make it a good one. Take care everyone.

Posted on Friday, Nov 08

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