It is SO good to have a friend tell you when something isn’t working.  Here is how one listener helped me see the light. 

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Thanks for Setting Me Straight

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

It is SO good to have a friend tell you when something isn’t working.  Here is how one listener helped me see the light. 

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Jason: (00:05)
Broadcasting from a small mountain town high in the Colorado Rockies, my name is Jason Owens, and this is The Renewable Confidence Podcast – a show that helps you renew your confidence in yourself and in your business every day.

All right guys, I have to share this funny story with you. Um, wow. So you know that I’ve been doing podcasting, now I’m trying to do this as a daily show.

Uh, it’s, it’s taken up some bandwidth. I enjoy it. Trying to raise my game on my podcasting, uh, how it appears over on my website. Right? So for those of you who come over to my site, I am trying to, I, I’ve, I’ve switched here over the past month or so.

I used to use just kind of a plain Jane post format inside my WordPress site and I switched that over and I have a much different look to it now.

Jason: (00:52)
Much different feel. And I feel like I’ve raised my game there. I’m also, uh, right now I’m, I’m really stretching. I’m also doing, um, transcriptions and I’m putting those transcriptions in, but I’ll tell you what, those transcriptions formatting them takes an awful lot of time, right?

So, and when you go in and read those transcriptions, most of the time they’re not going to be formatted because I just don’t have the bandwidth to get to it. But anyways, I’m raising my game, doing this new template here. Love it.

I kind of copy and paste this template, designed it, I don’t know, maybe about three, four weeks ago and I’ve been using it ever since. Well, somebody called me out on social media and I said, what? Right.

So she writes this comment out there and huge thanks, uh, to you share. Really, really appreciate it. Um, she calls me out on social media.

Jason: (01:41)
She writes “This isn’t linking to the correct podcast.” There’s not a match here between the podcast that actually plays and the title of what this post is supposed to be about.

I could not believe this when I dug into it!

Come to find out I had made a mistake. No, I did the first episode of this new template. I did it correctly, but then when I created additional episodes, I was basically copying and pasting from a template.

Right? I created this, this webpage template and I just create a new template. Every time I do a website post from my podcast, well due to a really long story, I’ll spare you the details, but I was essentially copying and pasting one episode over and over and over again.

Jason: (02:35)
Even though I thought I was putting the right information in the right space. Come to find out every time I was making an a new podcast episode, I was not put in the right URL in the right spot. So I had all these podcasts that were out on my website and they all linked back to one or maybe two different podcast episodes. Um, yeah, talk about feeling like a goofball. So, but you know what? I’m bringing this up. I’m kind of telling this story, uh, on myself because I want you to know that as you are growing a business, no matter what it is that you are trying, uh, whatever skill you are learning, however you are growing or developing in your sales capability. Believe me when I tell you this, it’s not going to go right the first time. Okay? Despite all the hoopla, uh, that you may hear out there online about, you can get it right the first time and all that.

Jason: (03:24)
I have just never personally known that to be the case. And I’m going to say 99% of the people I’ve ever worked with, I’ve never seen that be the case. So anyway, just go out there and put your best foot forward. People are usually very forgiving. At some point someone’s going to say, eh, yeah, might want to try that a little differently. Uh, and then you’ll be able to tweak and you’ll be able to have something better after you get that feedback right. But you’re not going to get that feedback trying to perfect everything just sitting in your office and never taking that stuff out to the market. So go out there with whatever product service you have, take it to market and get feedback. Right? So that’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’m learning a ton as I go. Come with me. Join me on this guys.

Jason: (04:10)
I would love to have you out at the upcoming signature workshop. Sorry, signature program. The fall workshop that’s coming up. Uh, if you’ve not heard about the signature program workshop, gosh, it got to come out to estos park. This is a beautiful town. I can’t wait to show it to you. Uh, come out for the workshop. Stay for the weekend. It’s just, it’s gorgeous here or right at the front door of Rocky mountain national park and there’s just a ton to do. Go over to the website, renewable I want you to look up in the top right hand corner. You’re going to see a link for signature program. Go there. That page will tell you how to get in touch with me if you’re interested. I’d love to have you come out for the program. All right guys. Take care. Bye.

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 26

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