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Welcome to Season 3 and Episode 100

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

What better way to introduce Season Three of the Renewable Confidence Podcast than to do it on my 100th episode?  Tune in now to hear what to expect as the season unfolds.


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Hey everyone, this is Jason Owens. Welcome to Season Three of the Renewable Confidence Podcast. And as we kick off Season Three, I can’t believe that I get to say this, but I get to say it right here right now. This is Episode 100; 100 episodes of the Renewable Confidence Podcast. I cannot believe it.

Tell you what, when I started out doing these about two years ago, I had just come off of a phase where I had been doing a call it my first podcast, it was over on my other my branded domain site. And I had, I was following a very different format over there. I was doing the typical, have an interview or have a guest to interview them.

So it was an interview format show. It was a lot of work, but I tell you what, the thing back then was all about, hey, if you have people come onto your show, and you can interview them about one particular topic, they are going to go out and tell the world that they were on this show, and their people are going to come in and listen to you. They’re going to find out how brilliant you are, and they will subscribe to your show.

Okay. That’s what I was taught by many, many people. And hey, maybe that works for others. But I’ll tell you what, I had a really hard time making it work for me.

 What I found was when I was doing the interviewing, I had a great time doing the interviews, we created some great content and talk to some amazing people loved it. But I tell you what, it was a phenomenal amount of work. I just couldn’t. I just wasn’t seeing that ROI, right.

I wasn’t really seeing the benefit of doing them. And because they were so hard or long to put together as a one-person shop back then. I wasn’t doing them that often. Okay. I see. So with podcasting, as with any other content creation, I’ll tell you what, if you do something on a very regular basis, that’s really going to help.

I’d heard that piece of advice too. And I tell you what that piece of advice doing something regularly, whether it is weekly or daily, whatever the frequency is, start with the frequency and stay on the daggone frequency. Right. So I haven’t seen that to work throughout the seasons. But I’ll tell you what, early on the whole thing about getting the guests learned a ton there.

And tell you what, again, it was just a lot of work. And I enjoyed doing it. But I don’t know, as a one-person shop, if I’ll go back there. I will probably at some point. Start doing some interviews again, but I tell you what, I will want to have a support staff behind me. And yeah, so anyway, that was the thinking back then.

So kind of when I moved into the Renewable Confidence Podcast, I just decided I am completely going to flip the script on this. I’m just going to do kind of a talking head format. I’m going to do kind of the Jason show, right? Where I have some kind of advice that I want to give some insight that I want to share some piece of confidence builder that I want to give to you.

And I figured that I could probably produce those pretty quickly and pretty easily on my own turned out to be right. And my first season there, which was I think was back in 2018. I want to say it was somewhere around maybe March, April, somewhere in that time frame and 2018 I had a blast doing those episodes, I had just moved here to Estes Park, Colorado, the front door of Rocky Mountain National Park, and was just absolutely mesmerized by the beauty of the place at the time.

I was in a very small cabin, doing some house hunting, but I was in a cabin, so I was able to record some episodes during the day. And it was, it was just absolutely. I was really, really an interesting point in life I just loved it was just amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it. So as we moved out that first season. And in season two, I knew for certain something that I wanted to change in season two, which was really back last gee was probably October, September timeframe, probably September, moved into season two.

And I wanted to highlight a lot of what was happening in the signature program that is my flagship program. I love running it. It’s where I can produce some of my absolute best work for people as we get together for the quarterly workshops and then end up doing some one on one sessions in between.

I just wanted to share that because there are so many good things happening inside the signature program. It was it’s just it’s been amazing to me. So I really wanted to make sure that that was part of season two, and putting a lot of examples there on top of some of the encouragement that I just love sharing with you guys. So that’s been really good. Really good.

Then late in season two, there was a 30 Stretch where I challenged myself to publish an episode every single day. And I tell you what, that was also a point in time where I was raising the stakes with what my episodes actually look like if you were to go on to renewableconfidence.com and go into the podcast section, the older episodes, they don’t look super sexy that some of them probably don’t even have big shareable images to them right?

Way back in the early days, I was very much a fan of just don’t go plate the prototype, get out there and just get the ball moving. Right? You can always make things better as you go along. Well, if you go back and look at some of my early episodes, and I don’t mean look at them on iTunes, I mean, go back into my site, renewableconfidence.com go to the podcast area, you’ll see some of the earlier episodes there.

They’re kind of thin, right? I mean, they don’t have a whole lot there. They’ve got a little player and you hit the play button and that’s it. Probably not a whole lot of text there. Again, probably not the big, huge shareable image. But when I got into late in season two, I was really trying to raise my game the posts there that host each one of these episodes. They should all have a really nice, big shareable image to them something that looks really good, very professional.

I also started doing transcripts for my podcast started to add those onto my pages had a different player on those pages. So really trying to step up my game there and do the 30 days I loved it. I tell you what, I really enjoyed doing that daily format.

And what was a bit of a kick was I found that I could do these in batches, right? So I didn’t have to sit down every day do a podcast. No, I would usually block probably I want to say it was around a half a day is what I would do. I would one day a week I would block half the day and I would just pound out these episodes all in one big block.

And then of course I would schedule them right to come out throughout the week. If you followed me for any amount of time, you know, block scheduling is my best friend. I absolutely love doing block scheduling, because it’s a tremendously efficient way to spend your time. So that’s what things really look like there. And in season two is really we were just getting into that 30 Day Challenge doing more encouragement and having more of the episodes there where we talked about the signature program.

And now as we move into season three, I am thrilled to tell you that I am ready to get back in the saddle. I’ve really missed podcasting. I did have to take a break from it there for a while. And as my workload has increased, with the client load and whatnot, which I love, absolutely love work on the clients. Tell you what, I’ve really missed doing the podcasting.

I absolutely miss it. And what’s been what’s been fun about this is I’m ready to be back. I’m ready to be back in the saddle. I’m ready to sit here and just go ahead and continue producing. I would love here in season three to continue sharing with you some of the next level successes we’ve been having in the signature program, we’re still going to do some encouragements.

If I really get crazy, I may actually pop in an interview or two, but I tell you what, like I said earlier, I’m going to need some kind of support staff behind me to actually make that happen. So anyway, gang, I love doing these podcasts for you. I love the feedback that I get from them.

You will continue to hear I forgot to talk about this. Yeah, season two man. I incorporated something called the Monday morning check in. And that was really a throwback to the sales meetings that I used to run when I was a sales manager ages back and it was it’s a lot of fun doing those Monday morning check ins because back in the day, we used to have people who would it was the classic in person meeting where we all kind of got around a table and Okay, last week, I did XYZ This week, I’m going to commit to doing that plus more or you know, that plus to, you know, whatever the number was, it was very, very much a numbers based conversation where, hey, in sales, there’s pretty much one thing you need to be doing, and about 50 that you need to not be doing right.

So in sales, you better be selling and you better not be working on your website or doing your filing or all this other, you know, avoidance behavior, you better be selling, right. So in that selling environment, okay, this is my commitment for this week. This week, I’m going to call on meaning go physically visit five different accounts. I will also do 55 cold calls, right?

Okay. So whatever those numbers were, that’s what we did in the sales meeting. So the Monday morning check in segments that I did in season two, got some good feedback off of those was surprised to hear that. There are a few sales managers out there who said yeah, I was using those in my Monday morning meetings as a way to get people calibrated right.

So before this day meeting I have them listen to the Monday morning check in, then we would start our sales meeting. You know, that’s pretty cool stuff. So looking forward to going ahead and rejuvenating the Monday morning check ins. And I tell you what, it’s going to be a ton of fun.

So again, I love doing these podcasts love being with you. We’re going to continue in season three, with deeper insights as to what’s happening, those next level gains and wins that I’ve seen in the signature program with the clients. They’re going to get encouragement from me. That’s something that I just love doing for everyone. And we’re also going to continue with the Monday morning check in.

All right. So again, thank you so much for being with me through these first 100 episodes. And I can’t wait to be with you for another hundred episodes here on the Renewable Confidence Podcast. Again, my name is Jason Owens. Thanks for being with me. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Posted on Thursday, Mar 19

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