Understanding the relationship between your mood and your productivity is crucial.  This episode helps explain what you can do to understand this key aspect of your entrepreneurial success.

Say goodbye to the feast and famine cycle. Say goodbye to uncertainty and sleepless nights. The Signature Program cures all this.

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What to Expect from the Signature Program Workshop

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

Are you ready? Say goodbye to wondering how you are going to sustain the pace of sales.  Say goodbye to the feast and famine cycle.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and sleepless nights.  

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Jason: (00:04)
Broadcasting from a small mountain town high in the Colorado Rockies. My name is Jason Owens and this is The Renewable Confidence Podcast — the show that helps you renew your confidence in yourself and in your business every day.

All right, so the big question here is what can you expect from the Renewable Confidence Signature Program Fall Workshop being held right here in Estes park, Colorado on Thursday, December 12th so

What you can expect from it is we’re going to get really, really, really into setting up your stage so that you can have your best year ever in 2020 and by that I mean we’re going to really dig deep into goals.  


I really want you to set some very powerful goals for the coming year. And what I’m going to ask you to do with those goals is I’m going to ask you to stretch a little bit, but probably not in the directions that you’re thinking.

Jason: (01:00)
So I won’t give away my own thunder there. But yeah, the goal setting session is going to be very powerful.


The next thing that you can expect from this workshop is that we’re going to unpack three key areas where you should be absolutely 100% rocking and rolling on sales for this coming year. So there are three major areas where you should have absolute complete total breakthrough performance coming up this year.

When we go into that module, it’s going to be really, really intriguing for you. And in fact, that’s probably going to be the most powerful session of the entire program of the entire workshop.

Hot Seats

So, beyond that, we’re going to have some hot seat exercises where we talk to different members in the group and we ask them to share what’s working, what isn’t. Uh, some of the members here in the program were obviously at the last workshop, so we’re going to see what’s going on with them.

Jason: (01:55)
I’m going to talk to with them about their 90 day goals. We also have some people who have, uh, ventured into areas that other members of the group have not ventured into. So that’s going to be really, really powerful to hear from them because basically these are the people who are, uh, I won’t say Canary in the coal mine, but these are the people who are, who are the ones who are leading the way, right in a particular area with regards to sales.

Expertise & Experience of Others

So the fun part about belonging to the signature program is that you get to learn what’s working for other people and that gives you ideas about what you can try yourself in your own business. So it’s really, really powerful stuff there. And beyond that, beyond the hot seat exercises, it’s just going to be a great time to, again, connect with very powerful people who are just like you, just where you are and encountering those same exact issues, same exact struggles.

Jason: (02:49)
Uh, really just that connection part is, is gold. I remember at the last fall or at the last workshop that we had this past summer, it was broadly the number one thing that, that, that I remember is people coming away with it or away from it with this feeling of, wow, I thought that I was the only one who was struggling with fill in the blank. Right? I thought I was the only person who, uh, was struggling with finding good people. I thought I was the only one struggling with having enough sales. Right? So just knowing that you are absolutely 100% not alone, that is gold and that is absolutely 100% the reason why you would want to attend the workshop. So coming up, really just in the signature program itself, it is a three year program that is designed to help you have massive, massive success in your selling efforts.

Jason: (03:45)
If I were to define what that curriculum looked like over the course of those three years, you’re number one is going to be sales. Your number two is going to be more sales and your three, it’s primarily going to be on cashflow and how you can optimize cashflow to further continue to grow your business. Now at these workshop sessions, we really dive in and give you a lot of information in these workshop sessions and don’t be surprised if it takes you an entire quarter to actually be able to make progress on some of these. Cause again, these aren’t, uh, these aren’t pansy goals, these aren’t namby pamby. They’re not, uh, short punts, right? Uh, a Dropkick they’re not easy things to meet. I mean, these are some pretty lofty goals that we’ve set up for people. And that I think is one of the reasons why people like being in the signature program so much is that you’re here to be challenged but not overwhelmed.

Jason: (04:42)
We make these goals so that you certainly are going to feel challenged, like I said, but we don’t push that to the point of being overwhelmed, right? Because when you’re overwhelmed, that’s no good. It doesn’t do anybody any good. You’re not productive. But the challenge itself and the camaraderie or just absolute pure 100% gold.

Sign Up Now!

I cannot encourage you enough if you’ve been on the fence for a while, if you’ve been thinking about the signature program, is this right for me? Is this going to work? Yeah, you need to do it. You, you need to pick up the phone. Give me a call, drop me an email, connect with me through the signature program page on renewable confidence.com you’ll find out how to get in touch with me there. We’ll have conversations. Make sure the program is 100% right for you. If it is, I would absolutely categorically love for you to be part of the program and that all starts with this December 12 workshop.

Jason: (05:36)
So if you have any questions on that, give me a holler. Would love to talk to you. All right guys, so that is pretty much it. That’s what you can expect. It’s just going to be a ton of fun, a ton of great work. Absolutely going to set you up for amazing success in 2020 and I can’t wait to show you some of the new stuff that I’ve been putting together, some of the brand new techniques that are working right now out in the field and making clients money. I just, I can’t wait to unpack those for you. So that’s that. Hope you guys have a great rest of your day. You take care. I’m Jason Owens for Renewable Confidence. See you.

Posted on Friday, Nov 22

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