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Your Fans Need to Hear From You

Jason Owens, Founder of Renewable Confidence

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Jason: (00:03)
Coming to you from a small mountain town high in the Colorado Rockies. My name is Jason Owens, and this is The Renewable Confidence Podcast — a show that gives you confidence in yourself and in your business every day.

All right? This episode is called Your Fans Need to Hear From You!

So sit back, relax. There’s going to be a great episode.

Okay, everyone. Wow. So if you’ve been tracking with me for any amount of time, you know that I love, love, love email marketing, and I’m doing my best to grow my business. I’m walking the talk, uh, I’m building my business through email marketing predominantly. Okay. So with that, of course I’m, I’m working with a lot of other business owners inside the Signature Program and I’m trying to figure out, Hey, what can I do to help them looking through a lot of their marketing, looking through what they’re doing.

Jason: (00:54)
Uh, so it’s not only people in the program looking for people outside the program, right? So talking with them once in a while about their email marketing, what are you doing to reach out to your list? What right? Just just learning everything I can about how business owners of all stripes are using email marketing. And here’s one thing that I have found that kind of kind of confuses me a bit, right? So first off, most businesses that I talked to while a great number of businesses that I talked to, they do not have an email list. Okay? Blows my mind a bit, but they do not have a list that’s built up. Um, okay, I get it. Not everyone’s wired the way I am. We’re all different. So once they do end up getting a list built, right? And I’m not just talking about 20 or 30 people, I’m talking about hundreds, okay?

Jason: (01:43)
Hundreds of people, once they have a list built. Now these, these are not, um, like friends and family kind of list. These are not, uh, go out and, and, and find a listing of all the members of the chamber of commerce and dump them in a list. I mean, the, these, these are not low quality lists. These are high quality lists. And by high quality, I mean these email lists are people who have opted in, people who have raised their hand and said, “Yes, I want a marketing relationship with you.”  “Yes, I want you to send me marketing. I want you to sell me stuff.”

Right? I mean, that’s basically what they’re saying.

Okay. So we have a high quality list. Okay. And then they don’t send any emails out to the list! It’s killing me! Killing me! So on occasion I will go ahead and start, uh, just kind of encouraging people, “Hey, go ahead and send something out.” 

Jason: (02:35)
Right inside The Signature Program where we start, everyone is just on a real simple basic outreach calendar. Really, it’s, it’s twice a month, right? First half of the month you send out one type of, of outreach, second half Thai, second half of the month you send out another type of outreach. It’s really simple. It’s really straightforward. And working with people that has, has provided really significant breakthrough and it’s been really fun to watch. Uh, I’m thinking right now of a client in the program who sent out an email yesterday, send out a campaign. Her list hadn’t heard from her and a little while, okay. Maybe a little longer than I would’ve wanted, but that’s okay. So she ended up sending out the email and got a sale from it, right? Uh, it was just within a few hours of the email going out, ended up turning revenue through the business. [inaudible]

Jason: (03:27)
that says, solidifies for me, solidifies it like some men, right?

People want to hear from you. They, they are your fans. If they have signed up for your list, they are asking for you to send them something.

They’re asking to have some kind of connection with you. So you can do that a number of ways, right? So yes, find out what that is for your particular group. One option is, uh, again, you could get, you can get inspiration for this a thousand places. I have signed up for a number of different emails from a number of different companies and, and I, I’ve seen tons of examples, uh, one that I really like. Just go over to REI, they do the outdoor gear and just sign up for their email list, right? Get on their list and just check out how they do it. Now, there are a number of caveats here.

Jason: (04:17)
You may not have enough horsepower to have your own photo shoots of people using your all brand new products for the fall. I totally get that. However, what I love about what they do, they don’t get super, super promotion happy. They’re a lot. They will simply send out an email that says, Hey, check out our tents. Hey, we have bikes now. Next email that comes out in other, uh, two, three weeks later, Hey, wow. Did you know that we have this really awesome collection of camping gear, right? Or shirts or outdoor wear. I mean, it’s kind of, it’s what I call an education email, right? And it’s, Hey, did you know that I have fill in the blank? Okay. Those emails, frankly, everyone, those emails are great for letting people know that you have a different category of stuff in your store, right? So if people already like you and they’ve signed up for your list, Hey, don’t be afraid to educate them on what it is you have in your store.

Jason: (05:18)
Don’t be afraid to let them know, Hey, I just released a new line of such and such. Or Hey, here’s my most popular thing and it’s actually gotten popular within the past five weeks, right? Has never been popular before, but Holy cow, it’s popular now. Okay? Whatever those, those categories happened to be for your business, do that. Advertise that. Let people know what you do, okay? It doesn’t have to always be some massive, super 80% off sale to get people to come into your store. If people know you and like you, they want to hear from you. If they are on your list and subscribed, they want to hear from you. So make sure you’re sending stuff right. Give them a chance to interact with you. Uh, you’ve probably seen, if you are on my list, you’ve seen that I do a fair amount of interaction, right?

Jason: (06:05)
I love inviting people to email me, to interact with me, to contact me or my company. And that just allows us to develop a deeper relationship there. Don’t be afraid to do that with your clients as well. So, uh, I don’t think you need to worry about your inbox being flooded quite yet. Uh, if you do let me know cause I’d love to know what you’re doing. Uh, but anyway, it’s just inviting that interaction with people is great. Uh, you may have seen on some of my emails where I will, will say it’s not a fancy email, it’s just text and I’ll say, Hey, hit reply and say yes or hit reply with, give me more. Right? If I’m trying to entice some interaction there to develop a deeper relationship with people on a topic. So try out that. Right? Your people want to hear from you and Holy cow, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they actually want to buy stuff from you, right?

Jason: (06:56)
I mean, if you think about this, just at a high level, if you are opting in to get mail to get email, it’s not junk mail to them. You’re not bothering them by sending stuff out. And Holy cow, they’re basically saying, yes, I want you to advertise to me and yes, I want you to sell me stuff. Right? I mean, essentially that’s what people are saying. So if that’s the case, Holy cow, they are fans and they need to hear from you. And I may even, I don’t obviously talk about social media a lot. Um, but I would even go the route of saying, if you have a good size following on social media, don’t be afraid to reach out to them as well. I mean, it’s pretty common for a lot of people to get kind of frustrated with social media cause it’s not producing any results.

Jason: (07:45)
Uh, and it’s not monetizing well and there’s a whole long story behind that. Um, but still you could build up hundreds, hundreds of followers and just let your social media go dead. I wouldn’t recommend that. I would say to a degree they are still fans, um, to a lesser degree than people on your email list. Uh, but again, you don’t want to leave them out in the cold either. So again, there’s just a ton of things that you can do to kind of revive a dead social media account or maybe even a dead email list. There’s just a ton of things you can do, and these are the tactics that we talk about inside the signature program here at renewable confidence. And if you’re interested in and just coming in and joining and growing your sales and marketing skills, gosh, that’s what we do. And the signature program all day, every day.

Jason: (08:33)
We love doing it. So go over to the signature program@renewableconfidence.com. Just look for that link for signature program up in the top right. Check it out, and if you’re interested, go ahead and drop me a line. You’ll see the instructions there on the page. Drop me a line. I’d love to talk with you more about joining up for the signature program. So that’s it, everyone. Thanks again, love doing these episodes, love getting the feedback and Hey, if you have a chance, please drop over to iTunes and leave me a review. All right and on you guys, take care and we’ll talk soon. Bye. Bye.

Posted on Sunday, Nov 17

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