Yes, you really can make money by sending emails out to people. 

In this short podcast, I will explain the high-level process that I use with my clients and give you a few pointers for making your next campaign a success.

This is certainly one of the best things that you can do for your business.

This isn’t hype.  Tons of business do it from your flower shop on the corner to the big corporations out east…

Like everything else, it takes work on your part.

The Process

At a high level, let me explain the process.

  1. You collect emails from people who WANT to be on your list.
  2. You create a marketing calendar so that you have some degree of strategy around what you are doing to say and when.  Plus, this could include any offers.
  3. You send these emails with some degree of frequency.  While every single email that you send does not need to have an “ask” associated with it, the general idea is to get people to buy your goods or services.

What Do The Emails Say?

When you look at the emails that get sent…

Personal brands tend to follow some formula of “providing value” before sending an email where they ask you to sign up or purchase.  This makes sense.

Retail brands such as REI and Best Buy just go straight for the kill.  REI has a very different tactic than Best Buy.  Best Buy structures their emails to be VERY graphic intensive almost like reading an old-style sales flyer in the Sunday newspaper.  

REI on the other hand invites you along on an adventure (which takes place in their online store).  This sales copy and the images are VERY heave on lifestyle and psychographic marketing. 

Why Does Email Marketing Work?

It forces you to become an all-around better marketer.

Just look at the skills that you will develop.

  • You’ve created a marketing calendar, which is something that most business owners will not ever do.
  • You have thought through the process of determining what offers will entice your particular
  • You are practicing your copywriting skills which can be defined as words that move people to action.

Why Email marketing rather than social media?

One word: conversions.

Social media is amazing for awareness.   Yet email routinely and continually trounces social media for conversions.

Why?  Depth of Relationship.

It takes more of an investment to sign up for email than it does to click a Like button.

How to Get Started.

There is really not a bad platform to use to get started.  Most have some type of free plan that you can use. 

There are several big players out there.  For getting started, there really is not a bad choice.  When I work with clients, I typically start them on Mailchimp because it is free for the first 2000 contacts.

For most people, this is all they will ever need.  Once I see that a client has more specialized needs, I would then steer them towards a more advanced tool.

Whatever you do, don’t just import a bunch of names and start sending.  This is a surefire formula for getting your account shut down.  

The Hardest Part of Getting Started

Of the entire email marketing picture, the most important thing is to have a continual process by which you are capturing emails.

The number of emails that you can capture in a week depends solely upon your business.  For some 5 emails a week would be good, for others 50 would not be enough.

Call To Action

Send a message to Support At Renewable Confidence Dot Com

Subject Line: Build My List

What I will send you is a complete audio outlining the very steps that I use with my paid clients. 

This kit will explain the exact process that I use to help people with the difficult task of building their initial list.

I have used this process many times and we always get results.

It will streamline how long it takes and you will end up with a solid initial list with a lower unsubscribe rate and a lower complaint rate than if you didn’t use this process.